Microbiology Laboratory


Head: Dr E. D. Vogiatzakis, MD, PhD

Mesogeion Av. 152, 11527 Athens

Tel & fax Secretariat : 0030 210 7779400, 0030 2107763302

Molecular Diagnosis Dpt: 0030 210 7763567

e-mail: reflabtbsotiria@yahoo.gr, vogia2@gmail.com










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The Greek National Reference Laboratory for Mycobacteria (NRLM_GR) provides a variety of reference services for health care laboratories and individuals across Greece in the field of mycobacterial disease, and in particular tuberculosis. It is part of the Microbiology Laboratory, Sotiria Chest Diseases Hospital, Athens, Gre, 700-beds General Hospital in the center of Athens. Our services include:


1. Primary isolation of Mycobacteria using liquid and solid media

2. Detection and species or complex identification using conventional and molecular methods

3. Drug susceptibility testing (DST) using conventional (liquid or solid media) and molecular methods (genetic detection of mutations associated with resistance against first-line and second-line anti-tuberculous drugs)

4. Monitoring of patient response to anti-tuberculous therapy

5. Latent tuberculosis diagnosis

6. Genotyping of M. tuberculosis strains

7. Research


Approximately 17,500 samples per year are examined for the detection and identification of mycobacteria, and for susceptibility testing. For data regarding new tuberculosis cases per year and resistance to anti-tuberculous drugs in Greece, please visit the WHONET Greece pages. 



Clinical tests

Certificate No. 913




This laboratory has received accreditation

by the Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D)

according to the ELOT EN ISO 15189:2012 standard




Sotiria Chest Diseases Hospital Map

(lab building indicated in yellow: Ζ Building «300 Gynaikon»)



Since August 2011, NRLM has a collaboration agreement with the TB Supranational Reference Laboratory in London, PHE, UK, both the programmatic and technical development of tuberculosis laboratory services, research, and technical assistance with policy development in country according to the terms of reference for the WHO/GLI TB Supranational Reference Laboratory Network.









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